What are Glasstic Bottles??????????????

The Glasstic Bottle Co. Line of Worry Free / Shatterproof Glass Water Bottles - GREAT FOR ALL BEVERAGES!

  • Best Glass Bottle for Essential Oils, Great for Fruit Infusion
  • Makes Everything Taste Great
  • Pure Glass on the Inside, Durable BPA Free Plastic on the Outside
  • 100% Shatterproof & Worry-Free Glass
  • Stylish, Attractive, Easy to Clean and is Dishwasher Safe

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Questions answered

Feb. 2, 2016

Why Glasstic

What are the benefits of drinking out of glass? Why should I drink from a glass bottle over a plastic or metal one?
Glass is 100% recyclable. You don't have to worry about toxins like BPA or other harmful chemicals that can leach into liquids from plastic bottles, or heavy metals like aluminum, chromium and nickel that can leach from metal bottles. Your beverage will taste better coming out of glass - no unpleasant plastic or metallic taste or smell. Using a Glasstic reusable glass bottle also benefits the environment. Bottled water creates enormous quantities of waste. You'll save money and the planet's resources when you stop drinking bottled water.

How does the Glasstic bottle compare to glass water bottles with protective silicone rubber sleeves?
Glass is easy to break, but hard to clean up the pieces. Silicone sleeves do not contain the shattering glass if the bottle breaks. This is something that GREATLY differentiates Glasstic from the competition! The Glasstic bottle is not only very break resistant, but it is very shatterproof. If you drop it and the glass breaks inside, all of the glass will remain contained inside the shell. The outer shell is made from a highly durable BPA free plastic. This makes disposing of any broken glass much easier, plus the glass insert is replaceable!

What type of glass is the insert?
The glass insert inside the Glasstic bottle is a 3rd party tested pure soda-lime glass bottle that has been through an annealing process to increase thermal and mechanical strength (reheating the glass to relieve internal stress caused in manufacturing and then cooling very slowly).

Is the protective plastic outer shell BPA free? Is the cap and base BPA free?
Yes, the protective outer shell, the cap and the base are all BPA free. The cap and the base are also fully recyclable.
What kinds of toxins are in plastic bottles?
The most common...and dangerous toxin in plastic is Bisphenol A. Plastic may also contain phthalates, polyurethanes, polyacrylonitriles, and EA's.

Can I use Essential Oils with a Glasstic bottle?
Glasstic is perfect for essential oils. You can add them to your water without the worry that compounds in the oils are dissolving the plastic bottle.

Are Aluminum and Stainless Steel Bottles Safe?
Aluminum is a neurotoxin and so most, if not all, aluminum bottles contain a plastic lining that may contain BPA. We feel this is something to consider with Aluminum Bottles. Stainless steel bottles can contain heavy metals like chromium, nickel and arsenic which could leach into the beverage. We feel Glass is the ultimate choice for safe beverage containers!